Stephanie Davis puked at a train station then ran into DUNCAN FROM BLUE

The ultimate embarrassment.

Stephanie Davis

by Polly Foreman |
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Like waving at someone who was actually waving to someone behind you, tripping over in the street, and obsessively drunk texting the bloke you fancy - puking in public is one of those things in life that just happens.

It mostly happens when you're 14 and just drank a massive bottle of Strongbow, but it can also happen when you're pregnant and have morning sickness - which is way more forgivable.

Poor old Stephanie Davisfound this out the hard way when she vommed "everywhere" outside a train station.

She tweeted: "Just threw up everywhere outside the train station… Embarrassing sickness you clearly haven't buffered off! When will u go! #draining!"

She followed it up with: "Just held a Queue up in the only toilet on the platform..This journey is going to be fun… honestly can't wait for this sickness to stop."

Props to her for live tweeting her sick extravaganza, we suppose…

This is an absolute nightmare of a situation – particularly as it was broad daylight and Steph is pretty bloody famous RN.

But it's rendered still more hellish by the fact she then ran into DUNCAN JAMES FROM BLUE.

We can think of worse people to bump into post sick-sesh (our boss, old headmistress, Barack Obama, Beyonce etc), but Duncan from Blue is still far from ideal.

She tweeted: "Haha that was quick! Hope your good babes!! @MrDuncanJames sorry if I smelt of sick ha!"


Steph's pregnancy has caused her more than a few problems – just before the sick session she revealed she'd had a big old cry over some bacon.

She revealed via Snapchat that she spent the whole day crying because her mum hadn't bought her any.


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