Stephanie Davis has recorded a song – is it about Jeremy McConnell?

Because we would love to hear that

Stephanie Davis

by Georgina Terry |
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There's no better revenge on your ex than writing an album full of belters about them, it going to number 1 pretty much throughout the world and then headlining Glastonbury just to rub into a global audience what a shit that person was.

Either that or leaving raw prawns in their curtain rails.

But Stephanie Davis may be favouring the Adele route to revenge as she's been recording some new music. Woo!

Steph posted to Twitter about the exciting event, saying: "Loved today! Smashed a new song out!"

She also posted a snap of the studio:

And we couldn't help but wonder, is Steph's song going to be about her bad boy ex, Jeremy McConnell?

stephanie jeremy
stephanie jeremy ©wenn

Steph posted these lyrics to Twitter:

"I was so intrigued by your style boy

Always been a sucker for a wild boy

better than this I know my worth

I ain't stickin round 4 the re-run"

That WE KNOW are from Alarm by Anne-Marie, but could Steph be taking inspiration from them?

Hope so.

In related (kinda) news, Steph posted yesterday about bumping into Duncan James from Blue after puking outside a train station. The ultimate humiliation.

He was quick to reassure her that she smelled just fine:

And Steph promised they'd meet up soon.

Could Steph's new single be a duet?

Look, we know we're clutching at straws here but we really (REALLY) want Steph to release a revenge record, OK?

She and Jez are already fighting over custody of their dog, we hear.

And Steph's been tweeting about having the hots for current CBB resident Lewis Bloor, but she could have a fight with Marnie Simpson on her hands for that one.

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