Stephanie Davis reveals MASSIVE pregnancy scare

And it sounds terrifying

Stephanie Davis

by Polly Foreman |
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Poor old Stephanie Davis has had a seriously emotional year. After going on Celebrity Big Brother and getting with Jeremy McConnell (while BF Sam Reece watched sadly from his sofa), she found out she was pregnant with Jezza's child (post messy break up).

She then had to put up with some outrageous trolls claiming she was faking her pregnancy. Like, literally.

But things had finally seemed to be looking up. She recently announced she was expecting a boy, has apaz decided on a name, and has been sharing some adorbs pregnancy snaps ever since.

But she's just opened up about suffering a huge scare last weekend, and it sounds absolutely terrifying.

Stephanie Davis

Speaking on Loose Women today, she said: "I had a little scare on Sunday which kind of threw me off a bit. I woke up in the middle of the night with just really, really bad pains to the point I was throwing up.

"I ended up going to hospital… They actually thought I was in early labour."

"They thought I was having contractions so I was on the gas and air and everything.

"Actually everything's all fine. They're just keeping a close eye on me.

"I felt him kick properly for the first time afterwards so that was a relief and it gave me a little boost."

Stephanie Davis

She also admitted that pregnancy had made her crave pickles, bacon and red cabbage dipped in gravy. Which sounds like literally the worst thing in the world.

Each to their own, Steph.

Earlier on this week, she shared a photo of what we think / hope may be a new man in her life.

She posted the pic of the arm sitting beside her leg at the hairdresser, captioning it: "Ahhhhh… he waited for me all day while I got my hair done…"

Whoever he is, he sounds GREAT.

We approve, Steph, we approve.

Obviously there's no confirmation that there's anything romantic going on between the two, and it could obv be a male friend or one of her brothers.

But we know no brother of ours would wait for us all day at the hairdressers….

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