Stephanie Davis reveals pregnancy has left her with ‘dead saggy’ boobs

We think they look just fine tbh


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Yummy mummy Stephanie Davis, who gave birth to beautiful bubba Caben-Albi just six weeks ago, has revealed that she misses being pregnant because she grew to adore her 'massive boobs'.

Steph revealed that her boobs ballooned to a G-cup during her pregnancy but now they've turning 'dead saggy'.

We think you look fab guuuurl.

Hey, people are even comparing this selfie that Steph recently posted to Instagram to reality telly queen Kim Kardashian.


Revealing her post-baby body woes to the Daily Mail, Steph revealed that she was delighted with her ample chest size.

"The biggest change is that I ended up with massive boobs which I never had before, that was nice.

"I had like G boobs, F boobs and now I don’t know what’s happened – they’ve gone dead saggy."


However, Steph revealed that she's in no rush to get her figure back and loves the changes in her body that enabled her to become a mum to her bundle of joy Caben-Albi.

She added: "I always had such a flat stomach and looking back now I did have a flat stomach and I now have a belly. Now I wonder why I complain and wonder why I didn’t have my belly out all the time!

"There’s too much pressure on people to get back in shape. I’ve seen people pregnant in the gym every day.

"I’ve embraced my body and I love my stretch marks on my boobs!”

"The way everything is, is because I created him [Caben-Albi]."

Awwwwwww! Preach it sister.

Steph's recent admission is a far cry from a recent Instagram post she posted a PHWOAAAR throwback pic of herself in her underwear; together with a lengthy caption about how she wants to get her pre-baby bod back.

The post was liked by her ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, who recently grew some balls and came to his senses after despite denying that he was baby Caben's father for months on end.

The former couple, who met in the Celebrity Big Brother, are now giving their relationship another shot for the sake of their child.

Steph wrote: "I think we take our bodies for granted. I never would of looked in the mirror before having my little boy and realised just what mine could produce. A pure miracle.

"Even though I'm so proud of what my body created, I must admit I've been missing what it was before. Now Caben is here, I'm really looking forward to working on getting as much of my pre baby body back as possible in a safe and healthy way!"


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