Stephanie Davis reveals sex of her baby


Stephanie Davis

by Polly Foreman |
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It's safe to say Stephanie Davis' pregnancy has not been quiet – since she announced she was expecting Jeremy McConnell's baby earlier this year, the public have had lots to say about it (some ruder than others).

An alarming amount of people attacked her because they thought she was making the whole thing up, and she's since been continuously shutting down the haters with cute pics of her baby bump. F U haters.

So it's no surprise that we've all been super excited to learn the sex of the upcoming arrival – and she's now revealed it's a boy!

We wonder what she'll call him? We're guessing not Jeremy. Or Sam.

She found out the news during a recent 4D scan, and opened up to OK! magazine about the discovery.

She said: "I actually always thought I was having a boy.

"My mum, best friend, brother, aunt and two cousins came with me to the appointment and as soon as the sonographer told us what I was having, they burst into tears."

Steph also made a bizarre admission about the appearance of the feotus.

‘"It’s the weirdest and most amazing thing – even at this stage, our son looks just like Jeremy. He's got his skinny long legs and big ears.

"I got a DVD of the scan and was going to send it to Jeremy but he decided to have no involvement during the pregnancy, so it’s his loss."

Jeremy is just SO lovely, isn't he?

jeremy mcconnell

Steph recently snubbed Jezza for his party lifestyle, admitting to OK! magazine that he's still managing to wind her up despite the two no longer being in contact.

She said: "I've seen Jeremy has been going out a lot and it just all got to me and left me upset.

"But I've got lots of exciting things happening and I'm going to try and keep positive."

F*ck him, Steph.

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