Stephanie Davis SLAMS this Love Island star over Jeremy McConnell cheating rumours


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To say Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell's relationship has been pretty turbulent over the last few weeks (read: year) is a massive understatement.

Stephanie recently saw red when irish model Jeremy was spotted out with former Love Island contestant Shannen Reilly McGrath and launched into a huge rant on Twitter.

Her last message read: “Profile deleted. No man. Goodbye guys.”

She then set her profile to private so that only certain people could see what she posted.

Now Steph has apparently slammed Shannen (who claimed her and Jez were just pals) and branded her a homewrecker in a series of Instagram messages, according to The Sun.

Shannen Reilly McGrath Love Island

Steph allegedly urged Shannen to come clean about her relationship with Jeremy, and wrote: "He has sold you down the rive and said it was all you.

"You really wanna be seen as the woman who broke up a home? Because that's what he's saying."

According to the paper. Steph then claimed she had evidence of their cheating, adding: "Want me to send you the messages from Jeremy? Or can you for once in your life be a girl to girl and be honest."

Stephanie also hinted that she'd gathered the 'proof' she needed from her own investigative work on social media.

Responding to Shannen's ex Danny O'Doyle on Twitter, she said: "little drake HINTING at u from that hotel room'SSS.I must have super powers... truth comes out doesn't it babe.Howling [sic]."

Steph and Shannen Reilly

He then replied: "your a lovely singer babe as always cot in the end your like a detective x [sic]."

Steph and Shannen Reilly

Word of advice to Shannen and Danny: we'd make a run for it while you still can...


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