Stephanie Davis talks baby name – and it’s not gonna be Albi

She revealed she was expecting a boy earlier this week

Stephanie Davis

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Ever since Stephanie Davis announced she was expecting a son, we've been speculating about the name of the bubba (we ruled out Jeremy and Sam pretty early on).

And soon after her big reveal, Steph made the lovely admission that she was planning to name him after her late grandfather, Albi – which we think would be super cute for a baby.

But Steph's now revealed she's having a rethink.

She wrote in her blog for OK! magazine: "I'm going to see his grave this week and have a little chat with him. I honestly think, and I was laughing when I said it, it's definitely my grandad who sent me this baby.

"The more I think about naming my son Albi after him, the more I think it could potentially be a middle name instead. I definitely want something as a tribute but I need to have a little think.

"At the moment I just call him my little prince or my mum calls him little bab."


When Steph announced the sex of the baby, she also made a bizarre admission about the appearance of the foetus.

"It’s the weirdest and most amazing thing – even at this stage, our son looks just like Jeremy. He's got his skinny long legs and big ears.

"I got a DVD of the scan and was going to send it to Jeremy but he decided to have no involvement during the pregnancy, so it’s his loss."

Jeremy McConnell is just SO lovely, isn't he?

Steph recently snubbed Jezza for his party lifestyle, admitting to OK! magazine that he's still managing to wind her up despite the two no longer being in contact.

She said: "I've seen Jeremy has been going out a lot and it just all got to me and left me upset.

"But I've got lots of exciting things happening and I'm going to try and keep positive."

F*ck him, Steph

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