Stephanie Davis talks about finding ‘the one’

Can't we all believe in love?

Stephanie Davis

by Georgina Terry |
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Now here's something we didn't expect to write today or any day.

Why don't we take a leaf out of Stephanie Davis' book?

Stay with us.

The former Hollyoaks star has been tweeting about romance and finding 'the one' and if Steph, who has had a pretty rotten year of things romance-wise, can still believe in love, can't we all?

Steph shared her thoughts on Twitter, as is the modern way, saying: "Love seeing couples loved up, on days like today in the sun, so romantic, makes me excited for the future, ahhh so relaxed, live music.

And: "Mad to think my 1 is out there somewhere right now…living his life, wonder what he looks like & were we will meet for the first time, 1 day."

Whatever you think of Stephanie Davis, and whether or not you believe in Prince Charming (TOP TIP: be your own hero, everyone), it's probably fair to say that Jeremy McConnell has not acted like romance personified since he and Steph broke up.

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell

Sure, their romance would be best described as tempestuous but since the CBB pair chose to go separate ways, Jezza has denied that he's the father of Steph's baby and seemed to take a swipe at his future family life.

Steph has swiped back at her former boyfriend, and suggested that he could stick potential DNA test results "up his arse'.

She's also come under fire for faking her pregnancy, but surely tweeting pictures of her actual, naked bump will have quashed those rumours now.

Steph has also revealed that she'll be finding out the sex of Davis Junior next week.


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