Stephanie Davis has apparently been texting Katie Price for advice

And we're not entirely sure this is a good idea

Stephanie Davis

by Polly Foreman |
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It's safe to say Stephanie Davis didn't have the best start to the year. She got with slithery snake Jeremy McConnell in the Celebrity Big Brother house, had a mare of a break-up a few weeks later, then got relentlessly trolled by people claiming she was lying about being pregnant with his child.

THEN she vommed all over Duncan from Blue due to her morning sickness.


But things have been looking up for her of late. She bought a house, found out she's having a boy, decided on the name, and recorded the foetus' heartbeat on a cute little blue teddy bear.


She now apparently wants to find a man – and she's enlisted the help of Katie Price to do it.

A source told Closer: "Katie and Steph are incredibly close now - she's like a big sister to her. She's told Steph to make sure she thinks of herself and her future - and that includes choosing the right man."

According to Katie, apparently, the "right man" has to be "rich and high-profile".

No offence, Katie hun, but this is TERRIBLE advice.

Katie Price Junior Andre Princess Andre Kieran Hayler

The source continued: "Top of the list are footballers. Steph is hanging on to Katie's every word - she's totally in awe of her and is doing everything she says because she really values her advice."

Steph herself opened up about being surprised at the number of offers she's received. She said: "I was worried no man would want to get involved with me now I'm going to be a single mum, but I've had quite a few ask me out on dates already!"

A friend added: "Steph would love to be parading around with a footballer or celeb - partly to annoy Jeremy. She's still upset and shocked over everything."

Whatever makes ya happy, Steph.

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