Stephanie Davis tweets and deletes pictures of her naked bump

Why do you tease us, Steph? WHY?

Stephanie Davis covers mouth

by Georgina Terry |
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Stephanie Davis is currently the people's champ… of teasing us with details about her pregnancy.

The former Hollyoaks star has been dogged throughout her pregnancy with rumours that she's fibbing about being with child. And, charmingly, her ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell has denied that the baby is his.

Steph finally unveiled her pregnancy bump in an interview with OK! magazine last week.

She didn't go full Demi Moore, as is her right, but there was undeniably a pregnancy bump under her clothes.

And yesterday, HOORAY, she did a big reveal of her uncovered bump via Twitter.

Stephanie Davis baby bump

It's not the most glamorous of shoots but pregnancy is not a very glamorous time, take it from us – we have tales to tell.

Steph captioned the snap, saying: "Hey baby babyy???????? hello little one all comfy in mummy???? I love u & can’t wait to meet you???? #watchingfriends #snuggles."

And posted another pic with a heart around her tummy button (which won't remain an inny for long).

Stephanie Davis baby bump


However, the pictures were but a brief flash in the Twitter pan as Steph then deleted then. Gutted.

Fortunately, the internet never forgets.

Steph has also posted that she's going for a scan tomorrow (now today), saying:

Steph's baby is due in January, which suggests that the scan is not the 20-week one in which the baby's sex can be ascertained, if you want to know.

Will she choose to share the sex of Baby Davis? Obviously, we're hoping so but it's her choice.

Steph recently seemed to suggest that she would request a DNA test for her child to prove his parentage. She's also claimed that she and Jezza were actively tryingfor a baby.

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