Stephanie Pratt comes clean about The Hills: ‘Spencer and Heidi were FAKE’

The reality star tells *heat* what was actually real about the MTV show 10 years after it first aired

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Shocking news now guys – you might want to make sure you're sitting down for this one, or at least get a mate to film your reaction for Snapchat, because this is HUGE.

Are you ready?

Stephanie Pratt off The Hills has finally confessed a massive secret: her brother Spencer Pratt and his wife Heidi Montag FAKED EVERYTHING for the show.


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The fights, the silly arguments over Heidi's virgin ex-boyfriend Cody, the way Spencer kept dogging Heidi's boss whenever he saw him in da club: all fake.


"Everything between Spencer and I was real, and pretty much everything between Spencer and Heidi was fake," Steph told us, essentially crushing our very soul with her words.

"They looked at it as a job, they were making millions every season. No one wanted to see them happy – they didn't even live in that apartment! It was a set. In 10 years I've still never seen them actually fight."

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Oh our giddy aunt.

What's more, Stephanie claims NONE of The Hills cast actually hated each other – with the one exception of Lauren Conrad and Heidi, of course.

"The Hills only ended because we all got along," she said.

stephanie pratt the hills

"We had so much fun and didn't ever want to fight, but it meant the producers couldn't do their job.

"We used to sit at restaurants having massive arguments, yelling at each other, and when they said 'cut' we'd be like, 'What are you doing later? Wanna come over and watch a movie?'"

In fact, so deep were the friendships forged on the show that Stephanie still keeps in touch with the cast.

the hills

"I still see Lauren whenever I’m in LA and talk to Lo [Bosworth] and Audrina [Patridge] and Kristen [Cavallari] once in a while.

"Looking back I’m obviously only remembering the great times, but we all got along really well, besides Heidi and Lauren."


Catch more Stephanie in this week's heat mag, out now.

Guess what? The Hills is taking over MTV on Saturday 6 August from 9am and on Sunday 7 August from 8.30am to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and you're going to want to watch every single second.

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