Stephen Bear wants to have ‘Bear cubs’ with WHICH HOUSEMATE?

Oh, Bear


by Polly Foreman |
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We were shocked, alarmed and kinda grossed out when Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan GOT. IT. ON in the pool, the garden, and THE LOO in CBB. And it seems his bizarre courting tactics date back to his Ex On The Beach days too (prob way further, TBH)

In a sneak peek of next week's episode, we see Bear lying in bed with Charlotte Dawson (who later calls him an "absolute psycho", but we'll ignore that for now) coming out with the most bizarre pillow talk we've heard ever in our lives.

Stephen Bear

It starts with him saying to the camera: "I wanna f*ck her all night."


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He then says to her: "I reckon we can have little Bear cubs. Little Bear cubs with someone pretty.

Stephen Bear

She then says: "We are just the same it's fucking weird."

Charlotte Dawson

And he says to the camera: "She was on Bear's tours but she didn't know. It's called secret Bear's tours."

We do not know what that means, but OK, Bear.

You can find out the rest of what these two got up to in next week's Ex On The Beach (you can probably guess) – but what we know for sure now is that it doesn't have a happy ending. She called him a "psycho" and he's now possibly with Chloe Khan.

So no Bear cubs for these two then.

What a shame.

Bear had a bit of a bloody mare in last night's Celebrity Big Brother after his EXPLOSIVE argy bargy with Renee Graziano and Aubrey O'Day.

In a nutshell, Bear lost his shit because Renee hid his mask (HE BLOODY LOVES THAT MASK), and then pretended to find it making him look like an idiot.

Aubrey then SQUARED UP TO HIM and he ended up sitting sadly alone in the smoking area. It all went a bit mad, basically.

Ex on the Beach continues on Tuesday 30th August at 10pm, only on MTV*

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