Stephen Bear claims: ‘Gary Beadle is a Muppet’

Don't hold back, Bear. Not that you ever do.

Ex On The Beach

by Georgina Terry |
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There are many things we like about Stephen Bear (and – in fairness – some things we find repugnant) but one of his standout qualities is to say absolutely what he thinks about a person or a situation, even if that will make him unpopular.

Heck, it most often does make him unpopular.

And the latest person to feel Bear's ire is his Ex On The Beach co-star, Gary Beadle.


There have already been some pretty major cock-offs between many of the men in the villa as they jostle for the position of alpha male.

Gaz has his so far unspecified hatred for Ashley Cain who came into the villa declaring he was king of the show. Unsure why. He hasn't done anything of note other than wear ridiculous gold shorts. IN THREE SERIES.

Ex On The Beach

Gaz also seems to think Jordan Davis is a bit of an idiot, again for declaring himself king of the beach.

But, so far, Bear has kept his feelings about his fellow men close to his chest. Until now.

"I don't care about anyone in the villa, they're not my friends, they're acquaintances. So Gaz's feelings… sorry mate, you're a Muppet," Bear declared in the shack of secrets.

And the reason for Bear's declaration? Lillie Lexie Gregg.

Ex On The Beach

Bear has the serious hots for Gaz's ex and he isn't going to stop romancing her just because Gary's hanging around the place.

It's like when Bear made a move on Vicky Pattison even though her ex Kirk Norcross was in the villa. And we all know how that ended: Kirk left (this happened), and Bear and Vicky went on to live happily ever after(this didn't happen).

Want to watch the sneaky behind-the-scenes confession? YOU CAN.

*Ex On The Beach continues on Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV. *


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