Are Stephen Bear and Jemma Lucy enjoying a ROMANTIC HOTEL STAY together?

We did not see this coming

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by Georgina Terry |
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Well, well, well. Stephen Bear and Jemma Lucy are having a very interesting Sunday / Monday.

The* Ex On The Beach* cast mates appear to be enjoying a romantic hotel break together.



Bear has been Snapchatting from their getaway approximately every half hour since yesterday, documenting the pool (which looks a bit grotty), some feather duster action with Jemma in the bedroom, and them indulging in a couples' caviar session.

Look at them, the filthy beasts, it's smeared all over their faces!

Bear's also posted a pic of (what looks like) their breakfast together, which has given us a bad case Monday envy:

But just because Jemma has dyed Bear's hair a fetching shade of blue and they (seem to be) sharing a room and are (definitely) sharing facemasks, does this mean they are DOING THE SEX?

Not necessarily.

Jemma has tweeted angrily, asking why people keep thinking they're together: "Can I please state that bear is my very good friend and that's it! WE ARE NOT DATING why can't two people be close mates without all this [sic]."

Yeah, come on people. Can't a man and a woman post details of a weekend getaway together, including pretty intimate looking shots, and videos of them calling each other "babe" without everyone getting the wrong idea? Have we learned nothing from When Harry Met Sally? NOTHING?

Still, at least if they aren't together it means we can keep our fragile hope for Bear and Chloe Khan alive.

You can't stop us hoping.

Remember when Jem confessed to Lillie Lexie Gregg that she'd slept with Gaz Beadle on the first night of Ex On The Beach? Yeah, that was pretty awkward.

What? We're not drawing a parallel between that situation and this one. They're just disconnected thoughts that pass through our head.


Is Jemma Lucy going to release a sex tape?

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