Stephen Bear is literally plugging sofas on Instagram

You just couldn't make it up

by Polly Foreman |
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If you're a super popular amazing in every way celeb like Kylie Jenner or some girl off Love Island, you'll more than likely be approached by several weird detox tea brands that claim to make you thin but probably just make you shit all the time. You'll then get paid an outrageous amount of money to post a picture of you pretending to drink it.

But if you're Stephen Bear, you get approached by some sofa shop to help you sell a horrible velvet sofa.

That's right, we said VELET SOFA.

Did we mention it's silver?

Bear captioned the post: "Just ordered my new sofa from @furniture4u. Can't wait for it to come, their stuff looks sick Xx."

It's nice he remembered the kisses.


The thought of sitting on that sofa of velvety hell makes us want to CLAW AT OUR SKIN AND CRY.

Maybe we're bitter – TBH, getting paid (probably a shit load) to post about a sofa on Instagram is THE ABSOLUTE DREAM.

We wish we were as famous as Bear :(.

Bear has meanwhile been skipping around the country on some mad hotel crawl with Jemma Lucy (but they aren't together, guys, OK?!).

Stephen Bear Jemma Lucy LS

Despite the two of them cuddling up in bed together, enjoying a romantic spa, frolicking by the pool, engaging in some feather duster action and indulging in a couples' caviar session (AND SNAPCHATTING THE WHOLE THING), Jemma was FURIOUS that people though they were together.

She tweeted: "Can I please state that bear is my very good friend and that's it! WE ARE NOT DATING why can't two people be close mates without all this [sic]."

We're STILL holding out hope for Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear.

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace told us herself that Chloe's not with Jason Burrill, sooo….

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