Stephen Bear’s plea for freebies for his holiday is too funny


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It's not a secret that celebs get a load of free stuff, especially through social media (if another semi-famous person tells us to drink tea to get thin we're going to throw our laptops out the window), but there's a way to do it and... well, Stephen Bear's way to do it.

The reality star put a call out on Instagram for holiday freebies and got totally slammed. Which is understandable. Because most people just buy stuff for their holidays with the money they've earned from, y'know, working. And Bear just finished filming a TV show. And he just went on holiday to Miami with are-they-aren't-they pal from Geordie Shore Charlotte Crosby.

And, most importantly, his call-out is just mind bendingly lazy.


I mean come on mate. If you're going to wangle free stuff, you can't do something as pedestrian and blatant as this and expect no flak. So flak he indeed got.

One follower commented: "Fishing for freebies cause you don't have any money and have pissed away all your reality TV money? Cause you don't want to put in a decent day's hard work ? Everything that's wrong with today"

Another added: "This makes me cringe. Why not try actually paying for the stuff you want instead of going on the beg?"

A third then got involved: "Why don't you just go shopping?", while a fourth added: "Stevie you tight arse".

But undoubtedly the absolute worst part of this is that it worked. Yes, brands did indeed get in touch. We're not going to mention the brands here because that would be free publicity and, if we're honest, nobody should be rewarded for such lack of creativity.

It did make us laugh though. Almost as much as the time Scott Disick from Geordie Shore ballsed up his Instagram #spon and couldn't be arsed properly rectifying it. He literally copied and pasted the instructions from the PR as the caption. It was glorious.


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