New Music Friday: Steps and Louisa Johnson, anyone?

Both incredible, let's be honest

Louisa Johnson and Steps

by Carl Smith |
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Friday's just the BEST day, isn't it? Work kinda has that 'school non-uniform day' vibe about it, the 'FRI-YAY' Instagram memes keep a-comin' and we can listen to Rebecca Black guilt-free and with good reason. Always good.

Oh, and loads of popstar-types chuck out their latest tunes and give us the perfect excuse to update our weekend getting ready playlist. This week we've got frickin' STEPS off of the late-nineties-early-noughties and The X Factor winner Louisa Johnson and they're both literally brilliant.

Wanna hear 'em?

Steps - Scared of the Dark

Steps Scared of the Dark artwork

Steps (aka H, Lisa, Lee, Faye and Claire) have officially been around for twenty years this year. TWO DECADES. Not only does that make us feel old as f**k, but it's left us craving some proper pop music in a sea of Calvin Harris drops and Ed Sheeran album tracks.

No shade.

ANYWAY, the five of 'em are back with their brand new single Scared of the Dark and it's essentially akin to falling into some kind of incredible TIME WARP OF JOY. It's huge, it's glitzy, we don't think we'll stop listening to it until approximately 2096. Oh, and they're going on tour with support from the actual Vengaboys. Dates are on the internet, the song's here:

Louisa Johnson - Best Behaviour

Louisa Johnson Best Behaviour single artwork

Okay, so Louisa's single is so good. That's not even a pun on her last single So Good. It's literally BRILLIANT. It's sort of tropical pop stepped up a notch and properly brought into 2017. Imagine Little Mix's Touch meets Ace of Base (yup) meets Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean?

You can listen to it over here and you won't regret it, honey. If this is what we can expect from the album, consider us Louisa STANS tbh. This one goes awwwwwf. Dead slick and stuff.


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