Steve Brookstein DEFENDS 7/7 tweet: “It’s all media manipulation and people with agendas”

Hasn’t he got an agent to wrestle control of his Twitter account off him? Oh, no, probably not


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Earlier today, Steve Brookstein started trending on Twitter after posting a particularly awkward tweet about the London 7/7 bombings.

But rather than delete the offending tweet and apologise, the former X Factor winner has made it worse. Way worse.

Posting on Facebook this afternoon, Steve didn’t back down – but instead started blaming all the backlash on “media manipulation” and, bizarrely, convicted sex offender Max Clifford, who he has blamed in the past for the public’s poor perception of him.

He argued that everyone knows where they where when an important event – like the 2005 tube and bus attacks – happens, adding that he was standing in the Putney branch of Dixons when news of 9/11 broke.

“7/7 was a weird one,” he went on.

“I had an awful June. I had been banned from interviews after doing a couple of interviews that the record label disapproved of and so Eileen and I went away for a few days.”

No s**t, Steve. Interviews that your record label didn’t approve of? We can’t even imagine it…

Steve, earlier

“For me, 10 years ago brings back bad memories of media manipulation, lies and public humiliation. I totally missed the news about 7/7,” he continued.

Brilliant. Way to totally miss the point, Steve.

“It comes as no surprise that the media that ignored my book and my revelations about tabloid media, Max Clifford, historic abuse and bullying have all jumped on this tweet.

“Obviously, my troubles don't compare to those who have lost a loved one in London on July 7th 2005, but this doesn't stop people with an agenda trying to twist it to continue the vilification that I've endured since falling out with Cowell in 2005.

“My book was pretty much ignored last year and still went to number one on kindle and yet the press pick up on a tweet. Work it out for yourself.”

We wish we could, Steve. We really wish we could.

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