Steve Brookstein manages to link 7/7 bombings to his No1 ALBUM in super-offensive tweet

Nice one, Steve


by Emmeline Saunders |
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No-one really knows what Steve Brookstein does with his time anymore, except frantically setting up Google Alerts for his name so that any time someone publishes something about him, he knows instantly where to read it.

He’s reading this right now. Aren’t you, Steve?

But he’s managed to trend on Twitter after posting a really quite inappropriate tweet about the tenth anniversary of the July 7 2005 bombings.

On a day where there’s going to be a special service honouring the victims of the London attacks in St Paul’s Cathedral and a one minute’s silence at 11.30am, the first X Factor winner thought it would be a good idea to share with his followers his thoughts about the date.

He tweeted:


Here’s what a few other tweeters thought about that post:

“A horrific tragedy that shocked the world and ruined so many lives. All on the same day as the terror attacks. Shame on you.”

“Possibly the most vacuous tweet I have ever seen.”

“A touching tribute.

“F**k me...and you wondered why you struggled to capture the nation's hearts?!”

“I like to contextualise all terrorist atrocities by establishing where @stevebrookstein's latest piece of s**t is in the charts.”

And there was one truther out there wanting to establish the actual facts of the matter:

“According to @officialcharts you went to no.1 in May and was out of the charts by June?”


Steve has since defended his tweet…

And now he’s blaming ‘media manipulation’ (again):

We have no more words. We are fresh out.

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