Was Stevi Ritchie’s ‘controlling and jealous’ behaviour behind the Chloe-Jasmine Whichello split?

A friend of Chloe's has alleged Stevi picked constant fights with his fiancée

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Stevi Ritchie used to constantly pick fights with his fiancée Chloe-Jasmine Whichello and was jealous of any attention she gave to other people, a friend of hers has claimed.

Sam Barton, who met Chloe on Twitter during her 2014 X Factor stint, told the Mirror that Stevi made her cry "at least three times" during a recent day out in Tamworth last month.

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On Friday 18 March Chloe was having £1,000 worth of treatments in a salon with Sam and had arranged for Stevi to meet them there, before they would all go on to a club that evening.

But Sam alleged that Stevi's behaviour was off from the moment he arrived.

"He made it hell. Not just for him and Chloe, but for everyone around them, it was so uncomfortable and so draining to be around them," Sam told the newspaper.

"His jealousy was ridiculous. He wanted to be next to her all the time. Chloe ended up crying about three times while we were there."

Chloe Jasmine and Stevie
Chloe Jasmine and Stevie

Stevi apparently tried to persuade Chloe not to go clubbing as planned, at one point even calling her mum to tell her that Chloe's friends were "making" her go out.

"He called her a selfish bitch," said Sam. "He said to me, 'Chloe's always digging at me'."

"He didn't want her to go out. He thought people were taking the piss out of her. He even threatened to call the police if we took her to a nightclub. I said, 'Stevi, what the f*ck are the police going to do if we take her to a nightclub?'"

Stevi even tweeted an apology for his behaviour to the owner of the salon two days later:

Earlier this week, news broke that the X Factor pair had split – but Stevi later exclusively told heatworld the story was "balls".

"We are still together and in love and I love Chloe with all my heart," he told us.

Stevi's also been tweeting that the pair are still engaged, telling one fan: "Yeah we still together just hard at times I love her so much x."

Stevi's rep declined to comment when we contacted them.


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