“I still go to NA meetings”: Davina McCall reveals she won’t have one sip of wine over addiction fears

The Jump presenter overcame heroin addiction in the past


by Heat |

Davina McCall, light of our lives wearer of excellent ski wear and all-round good egg has spoken about her ongoing commitment to NA meetings.

The Jump presenter took heroin when she was in her twenties and is mindful that even a sip of wine could lead her to a downward spiral.

Speaking to The Mirror, Davina said:

“I do still go to meetings because I just think that NA is brilliant - a very, very clever system.

“I’ve always been really nervous talking about it though, because obviously it's an anonymous thing.

“But it really does work and I've had an awful lot of support from NA over the years.

“It's sort of a misnomer that people only go when they're about to relapse or they really need help.”

"I go because I enjoy it - its one of the places I feel really relaxed, most at home and like I completely fit in.

‘It's not the Moonies, it's not some weird cult - it's just a place where people get help and support. I get a lot from it."

Good on you, Davina!

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