Stop what you’re doing: there’s an ATM giving out free Big Macs

A dream you didn't know you even had has just come true


by Stevie Martin |
Published on

*Ever felt that your experience while purchasing a Big Mac was somewhat hampered by having to go into a McDonalds and buy it? Yeah, us too (?), so we're overjoyed to announce that there's an ATM that makes getting your burger fix as simple as withdrawing a tenner.

And it's absolutely free. Yes, you can get a FREE Big Mac in return for tweeting about your experience. The ATM doesn't even ask how many followers you've got or anything. You can choose between the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac, and the ATM automatically generates a tweet on your behalf.

Oh, and obviously pick the Grand Mac. Why wouldn't you, when it's FREE?!

Similar to the pizza ATM (what a time to be alive), the Big Mac ATM will be opening on January 31st from 11am to 2pm in the Commonwealth Avenue restaurant in Boston. Which means you've got very little time to book your flights over there, people.

It's so worth it too - flights to Boston are around £230 at the moment, and if you eat 76 Big Macs from the aforementioned machine, you will totally have got your money's worth. No, we haven't factored in the exchange rate here. No, you probably shouldn't do this. Yes, we got too excited about burgers.

Fingers crossed this invention of dreams comes across the pond - hear that America? WE WOULD LOVE A BURGER VENDING MACHINE, THANKS.


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