Exclusive: Stormzy’s been ignoring Kem Cetinay’s texts :(

And he double texted as well. Nightmare…

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Serious question – can you think of ANYTHING worse than getting ghosted by Stormzy? No? Nothing? Neither.

But this is a situation Love Island’s Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay are in right now, as they told heat he’s been ignoring their texts.

Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay

Given that these three are among our favourite people ever in the world, we were over the moon they became friends – so we’re absolutely devo that there might be trouble in paradise.

After reaching out to each other on social media when Chris and Kem were back from Love Island, they met and rapped together at V Festival. An absolute fairy tale of an ending.

Stormzy Chris Kem

But, alas, the fairy tale has come crashing down – because they’ve officially been ghosted.

We caught up with Chris and Kem and asked whether they’d exchanged numbers with Stormzy, to which Kem replied: “Yeah, yeah, we have… It’s a bit of a tricky subject”, while Chris laughed.

Stormzy Chris Kem

Kem continued: “I texted him and he didn’t reply to me. I know he’s busy, so…”

We asked how long it’s been, to which he said: “It’s been about a week. I just think he’s playing hard to get.”

Chris then asked Kem: “How much more than a week?”

Kem replied: “It’s been about two weeks. But I texted him after V Festival and I think he was probably getting a lot of messages, so he probably got caught up… just said it was amazing to watch him and that was it.”


That’s when he admitted he DOUBLE TEXTED.

“OK, I did send another one after. I sent him two messages… I just texted him asking if he’s coming to watch our performance. It did have a question mark. [Chris’ eyes fill with tears at this point] And he saved himself in my phone as ‘Stormzy bestie’, I thought we were best mates!”

Ah, Kem mate. You’ve had a mare.


Read the full interview with Chris and Kem in this week’s heat mag – out now!


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