Remember when Stormzy offered to collab with a random guy on Twitter? Well now he’s spoken out…

He says it's been "life-changing..."


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Who remembers just over a week ago, when Stormzy literally offered to collaborate with a random guy on Twitter because he'd lied to his mum and told her they had a song coming out?!

It was one of the most iconic moments on Twitter, ever.

Aspiring rapper, Teks Sinatra, wrote: "Told my mum I got a tune with Stormzy on the way.

"Lord forgive the lie, I just needed her to take my rap career seriously. (sic)

And then Stormzy only went and replied with a bunch of laughing crying emojis, before popping up again and saying: "Lool you know what fuck it send me suem gonna dm ya (sic)"



Now, Teks Sinatra has spoken out about Stormzy's collab offer, and revealed what happened next.

Speaking to *See Radio Differently'*s podcast, he said: “I thought [my Tweet] was funny and that I might get like, 50 retweets, but it got that within 20 minutes. In the morning, it had 2,000. And I thought, I wonder if Stormzy will see this? That’d be funny.

“Then I saw that he had seen it and I retweeted it. Next day, it was on 8,000 likes – then I saw another notification from Stormzy saying ‘send me something!’”

He continued: “It was a mad feeling, the maddest day of my life to be fair. I don’t want to talk too much about what is going on but yeah, Stormzy has been in touch."

Oh, Teks, keep us in the dark why don't you!

Brb, we're just gonna tweet Beyonce and tell her about that single we've already told our mum's we're doing with her. Worth a try, right?!

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