Strictly’s Katie Piper defends herself against cruel trolls who said she’s ‘mum-shaming’

She's posted photos of food and health

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Last weekend, Strictly Come Dancing had its launch show, where we got to see all of this year's contestants paired up with their professional dance partners. Now, while we're waiting for the live shows to start, on the 22nd September, one of this year's contestants has come under fire from online trolls for making 'mums feel bad'.

So-called 'fans' of Katie Piper have accused the TV presenter of posting images to her social media accounts which make mums feel bad, but according to the Express, Katie acknowledges her posts made 'some people cross', but she said that they are not dealing with their own 'personal insecurities'.

Katie explained, "There are people online who, when I put pictures up, say, ‘you’re making mums feel bad!’ And it’s like, if you feel bad about this photo of me, those are your personal insecurities.

"I’m not about making people feel inadequate, trust me."

Katie has been posting photos of food and health which some users have been unhappy with. However, the TV star, who enjoys going to the gym told Women's Health magazine previously that she loves fitness and finds exercise a good way to pass time.

"I started spending my weekends doing races. Then I progressed to a half-marathon and I actually enjoyed it," she explained.

"It was in this moment that I connected with exercise. I was like, ‘I feel free – I feel young. I’m not going to accept those low expectations’. Instead of getting better, I wanted to go beyond."

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Strictly Come Dancing 2018 Contestants

Graeme Swan1 of 15

15th - Graeme Swan

Cricketer Graeme Swan says: "I don't have any background in dancing but can do the floss so let's hope this comes in useful!" We don't have high hopes for Graeme Swan. We are also not 100% confident of who Graeme Swan is.

14th - Joe Sugg2 of 15

14th - Joe Sugg

A YouTuber on Strictly! Whatever next! Unless your preteen kids have access to the phone to vote (and we recommend that they do not), he hasn't got a chance.

Lee Ryan3 of 15

12th - Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan is good at many things - being a moderately popular member of Blue, getting in love triangles in Celebrity Big Brother - but dancing? Hmm. We're sceptical.

13th - Kate Silverton4 of 15

13th - Kate Silverton

Dancing is a long way away from Kate's work as a newsreader, and we're not convinced there's an overlap between the professions...

11th - Danny John-Jules5 of 15

11th - Danny John-Jules

Danny has spent the last few months "on two wheels motorcycling around South America in pink leathers", which doesn't sound like the best of warm-ups for a dancing show...

10th - Ashley Roberts6 of 15

10th - Ashley Roberts

Yes! We know! We are all too aware that Ashley Roberts is already a dancer, so at first glimpse seems to have an unfair advantage over her other fellow contestants. This is something that the public are all to aware of, too, so will that stop them from voting? We think possibly...

9th - Seann Walsh7 of 15

9th - Seann Walsh

We've been racking our little brains all day, but we can't for the life of us begin to imagine comedian Seann Walsh dancing. He's funny, though, so we predict at least some votes.

8th - Charles Venn8 of 15

8th - Charles Venn

Casualty star Charles gets our vote for his biceps alone, and we're predicting he'll be a bit of a surprise frontrunner this series.

7th - Faye Tozer9 of 15

7th - Faye Tozer

Having been a member of Steps, we're guessing Faye is already at least 'alright' at dancing. Which is more than can be said for many on the list.

6th - Vick Hope10 of 15

6th - Vick Hope

Vick is already a keen dancer, so we're guessing that will help her out of the Joe Sugg-esque rut of only having younger fans...

5th - Susannah Constantine11 of 15

5th - Susannah Constantine

We're calling it. Susannah will be this year's 'joke contestant' up there with Ann Widdecombe and Ed Balls. She will go far. We will love her.

4th - Stacey Dooley12 of 15

4th - Stacey Dooley

Despite the fact that Stacey is a journalist and film-maker and in no way a professional dancer, we can imagine her taking everyone by surprise and going the whole way. She will come fourth, we know it.

3rd - Doctor Ranj13 of 15

3rd - Doctor Ranj

Everyone's favourite doctor / general person in the world Dr Ranj will 100% go the distance. As well as (we're predicting) surprisingly good dancing skill, he has the personality to be a finalist.

2nd - Lauren Steadman14 of 15

2nd - Lauren Steadman

Paralympic Triathlete Lauren is as inspirational and likeable as she is sporty - which is a perfect combo for Strictly success. She'll go far.

1st - Katie Piper15 of 15

1st - Katie Piper

We are almost certain Katie will win this series. We love her, the country loves her, and she's undoubtedly one of our favourite contestants on the list. Katie, we're rooting for ya!

Katie is now well into training for the new series of Strictly Come Dancing, having been paired up with professional dancer Gorka Marquez. Before the series launch last weekend, Katie opened up on her injuries from her acid attack 10 years ago, and how they might affect her training.

Speaking to the Mirror before she started training she explained, "The respiratory problem makes training a bit harder," going on to explain, "I tried to practise some steps and can't really move my head back because of a band of scar tissue that starts at the top of my head."

The Bodyshockers presenter also said she was slightly anxious about how viewers would see her performances saying, "Everyone will be like, 'Why's she pulling that funny face?' and I'll be like, 'No, that's my face!'"

Katie was attacked with sulphuric acid in 2008 and suffered substantial burns on her body as well as being left partially blind. Immediately after the attack Katie was placed in an induced coma for 12 days and received many skin grafts.

Strictly Come Dancing live shows start on 22nd September.

In other reality TV news, last Monday we saw Ryan Thomas crowned winner for the 22nd series of Celebrity Big Brother.

See all the previous Celebrity Big Brother winners below:

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