Strictly’s Robin Windsor: “I fear trolls will cause Kristina Rhianoff and Ben Cohen to split”

Robin warns jealous women to back off and tells heat Kristina Rhianoff has a “good heart”


by Selina Maycock |
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Ever since rugby star Ben Cohen admitted last month that he was now dating Strictly Come Dancing professional Kristina Rhianoff, they have been at the center of a backlash from internet trolls who disapprove of their relationship.

It’s been 11 months since Ben split from his wife Abbie in September last year, but one person who has been supporting Kristina throughout is her friend and former professional dancing partner of six years, Robin Windsor.

We caught up with him at the Ego Professional x Macmillan Cancer National Blow Dry Day party where he tells us: “Kristina needs to be given a break. It should have been one story and forgotten about but for some reason they’ve picked on Kristina and I see the abuse she’s getting on Twitter and it’s absolutely awful. Kristina has such a good heart.

"Ben has said that they're together, let them live, let them move on because what’s going to happen is the press will end up pushing them apart. Let them enjoy their time together.”

One troll asked Kristina to “stop shagging other people’s husbands” to which she told them to “get a life”.

And Robin has a theory behind the backlash, he tells us: “She’s fabulous and she’s gorgeous and I think she’s getting a lot of stick because she is so gorgeous. I think a lot of the [backlash] has come from women who have had a similar experience but this happens in life.”

And he’s confident that NOTHING will interfere with her dancing, adding: “Her job is her priority and I will do as much as I can to help her and I will always be by her side.”

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