Syd and Ell: Who are they? Why did the YouTubers end their friendship?

What happened to the iconic YouTube duo?

syd and ell youtube

by Hannah Mellin |

Forget Ant and Dec or the Olsen twins, Syd and Ell, aka Ellie Jarret and Sydney Crouch once gained the title of one of the most popular YouTube duos thanks to their hauls and infectious BFF attitude.

However, we’ve not heard from the YouTube duo in a while and they've both now started their own YouTube channel, but don’t you worry huns, we've done a deep dive to find out exactly what is going down…

syd and ell youtube

Who are Syd and Ell?

British BFF Gen-Z blogger duo Syd and Ell catapulted onto YouTube waaaay back in 2017 where they quickly made a name for themselves with hauls, make up inspo and challenge videos.

“Best Friends talking everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle! Subscribe if you like what you seeeee and hit us up on socials! @sydneymaycrouch @elliejarrett2,” they wrote in their bio.

They quickly gained a huge following and actually had 277k subscribers. Fans of the duo watched them grow up in front of our eyes, collaborate with brands and even move into their own homes. They were also HUGE on TikTok, boasting over 46k followers.

However, their last video on their joint channel was uploaded in April and since then we've heard nothing – sparking rumours that they pair had gone their separate ways.

Did Syd and Ell fall out?

In July, Sydney launched her own YouTube channel and her first video was titled “New Beginnings”. She turned the comments off as she explained why she was starting out on her own.

In the video, she wrote, “I’m sat on my own, I’m not sat with Ell. We have been best friends for twenty years and I guess no one saw this coming, myself included. I’ve come to terms with it a lot more now, it’s been a few months now. In a way I’ve had to learn to accept that it’s happened, you don’t just get over a twenty year friendship.”

However, Syd never actually explained why they are no longer friends, saying, “I’m not going to sit here and air our dirty laundry, it’s one of them things, we’re humans and it is private. Some things you just don’t put on the internet. We’ve decided to go our separate ways and it is sad.”

Despite the pair never actually addressing the reasons why their friendship ended, it hasn’t stopped their followers speculating the reasons why.

On Twitter, many have speculated about their alleged feud with some suggesting something "unforgivable" happened which could explain why many other influencers - such as Molly Neville - reportedly took Syd’s side and no longer talk to Ell anymore.

There’s also a theory that Ell’s boyfriend isn’t Syd’s biggest fan and their fallout was over the men in their lives.

syd and ell youtube

Some fans have criticised the pair for keeping their YouTube channel if they have fallen out and labelled them “money obsessed” as they still make money from adverts in their videos, meaning they're still technically profiting from their friendship.

What are Syd and Ell doing now?

Well, as previously mentioned, Syd is branching out on her own and is still active on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. She's even been hanging out with Molly-Mae Hague.

Meanwhile, Ell hasn't addressed the falling out at all and has instead focused on her beauty and home content on Instagram.

In January 2022, Ell launched her own YouTube channel and again, did't mention Syd or their reported feud.

Does Sydney May Crouch have her own YouTube channel?

She sure does. Syd launched her own channel in June 2021 and has been posting vlogs, hauls and more recently her own documentary about her mum's death Drugs Came First.

Does Ellie Jarrett have her own YouTube channel?

On New Year's Day 2022, Ell started her own YouTube channel too. She's also posted a vlog and a Q&A while she's doing her make-up.

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Are Syd and Ell related?

No, they’re not related, but they have known each other since they were four years old.

How old are Syd and Ell?

Syd was born on the 20 June 1997, making her 24 years old. Ell was born on 14 April 1997, also making her 24 years old.

Where can we buy Syd and Ell’s InTheStyle collection?

During 2020, the pair launched their very own collection with fashion brand InTheStyle and you can still get your hands on some pieces.

It's full of street style looks, ultra cool slogan tees to make a style statement and off-duty lounge pieces.

What is Syd’s Instagram?

You can follow Syd over at @sydneymaycrouch where you can follow her new jet-setter influencer lifestyle and sizzling hot selfies.

What is Ell’s Instagram?

Keep up with all things Ell over on @elliejarrett2 for all the interior goals.

Because even though they're not together, we still love them both lots.

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