Eleven Things We Learned from Take That’s video for Hey Boy

Contains rabid admiration for Howard Donald’s behind. Deal.

Take That: Hey Boy vidoe

by Georgina Terry |
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Take That have debuted the new video for their new single Hey Boy. It’s new!

Here’s 11 things we’ve learned from it.


  1. Mark looks good in ANYTHING

  2. Never-the-less Take That’s stylist really hates Mark.

  3. As does their hair dresser.

  4. Santa does city-casual chic VERY well.

  5. Only joking! It’s Howard and his butt is looking f-i-n-e.

Howard's Donald's bum (right)
  1. This gang of hard-nuts are basically hypnotised by Howard’s mighty fine behind. It is a magic behind!

Hy-no-tised by the Donald behind
  1. Gary looks more like a noble wolfhound with every year that passes. This is no bad thing.

Gary Barlow: noble wolfhound
  1. Take That cannot be trusted with Choppers, they’re either stealing them or leaving them about the place without locking them. And where are their helmets? Safety first boys.

Scant regard for road safety on disply here
  1. This club is full of boys, just hanging out together and having fun, being guys. We like the look of the club.

Just boys, having fun being boys
  1. Not sure club goers should be allowed baseball bats though.

  2. The tune is…a grower. Probably. Look, we thought Cheryl FV’s Fight For This Love wasn’t very catchy when we first heard it, so don’t trust us on anything.

Want to watch the whole thing? You can! Here:

Sudden thought: Take That for Glastonbury 2016? OMGerd.

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