LOOK how cute baby Taylor Swift and brother Austin were!

Tay-Tay's brother snubbed models to remind his sister that they grew up on a FARM

Taylor Swift

by Laurence Mozafari |

Regular readers of heatworld.com will know the team is very, very keen on the idea of being besties with Taylor Swift. But just imagine how good it would be to be her actual human brother. Blood is thicker than water after all, even if that water is a sea of uber-celebrities that all seem to be three feet shorter than Taylor Swift.

Anyway. The Swift siblings were living it up during Sunday's MTV VMAs, where the Bad Blood singer picked up two gongs. But despite being surrounded by free booze, snacks and a gaggle of models, Tay-Tay's brother Austin paused during the after-party to whisper in his sister's ear "we grew up on a FARM!!".


Bless him. We have New Zealand warbler Lorde to thank for that titbit of celebrity gossip, as the singer tweeted the cute moment last night.

Taylor must have been feeling nostalgic too, as she soon sent Lorde her own throwback to the farm.

The 25-year-old posted a picture of the small Swiftlets perched on a tractor with their dad.

Taylor has always spoken fondly of her upbringing, explaining: "I grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Reading, Penn.

"It was the most magical fun childhood. We had grape arbours and we would make jam with my mom."

WOW. A Christmas farm! A farm wheres it's pretty much Christmas all year round? And you get to live with or be Taylor Swift? That does sound like a dream.

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