Taylor Swift shakes off rumours she’s buying a castle in Scotland!

Even if we did want her to.

by Maria Vallahis |
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Boo, we were hoping Taylor Swift was going to get her princess castle in Scotland to be closer to her DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris.

However, Tay-Tay has shut down rumours that she's purchasing a £4.6 million Scottish castle by tweeting: "'Cause baby I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me' -a line from New Romantics But I'm not actually buying a castle."

Reports had suggested the 25 year old was interested in the Tower of Lethendy, an eight-bedroom castle, about 15 miles north of Perth.

Why Tay, why?! The castle would have supplied her with its own private golf course on 40 acres and located not far from the Calvin's home.


Taylor was apparently buying a house in Scotland, because of Calvin.

When Taylor was dating Conor Kennedy, for barely three months in the summer of 2012, she bought a house next to his family in Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. Conor felt like Tay-Tay "came on too strong" and this caused their split.

So probably best she's not buying a house near Calvin - we don't want you two to break up. Like never, ever.

Tay-Tay and her DJ beau, Calvin.

It was a source who told US OK! that the Bad Blood singer is interested in property across the pond.

Good to take things slow though, right Tay?

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