Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are ‘becoming each other’s muses’ ain’t that just peachy?

Soppy overload below. You've been warned.


by Maria Vallahis |
Published on

So over the weekend Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris made their first public appearance together at the Billboard Awards – big news for everyone. Not so great news for Calvin’s ex Rita Ora.

And although it may be apparent – because Calvin posted a picture of Taylor’s cats on his Instagram account – they have been loved up for a while, they may now also be recording music together. Like music-music, not just “sweet music” if you catch our drift.


They started dating in March and now there are reports the couple are writing songs together as they are ‘slowly becoming each other's muses’. Blimey, besotted much?

"They're crazy about each other, but are really stimulated by their unique approaches to song-writing. They're slowly becoming each other's muses," said a source of the couple’s.

The insider told the US OK! magazine: "They often end up in fits of laughter, but they've come up with some very interesting melodies and lyrics and she wants to record some of them."

Two people who’ll be cuddled together, listening to this music-to-come and crying in each other’ arms will be Rita and Taylor’s ex Harry Styles, we imagine.

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