Taylor Swift photobombs young fans’ portrait session while out jogging

WHY hasn't this happened to us yet?


by Gwendolyn Smith |
Published on

Okay, we're starting to get jealous now. Like really, teeth-clenchingly, face-turning-a-greenish-hue jealous.

Why? Taylor’s been extending the arm of friendship to fans everywhere, but we still haven’t been invited to her house/touched her cat/been in a cool polaroid snap with her. And we definitely had her photobomb our portrait session in the middle of a park. WAIL.

Anyway, as is always the case, someone else has, and we can’t be too resentful about it because they’re both sweet girls who look like they're still in primary school.

Tay Tay was in the middle of a run when she surprised the two kids, who were taking part in a shoot with photographer Sarah Bailey.

Being the wonderful Miss Swift, she decided to go beyond the usual small-talk (we don’t think Taylor would even do something as inconsequential as small talk) and started posing for the photographs with them. Cue some really wholesome big sister, little sister shots.

You don’t need telling that Taylor looked flawless for the pics, in her cerise lipstick (yeah we know, unconventional for a run) and navy sweater. Honestly, if we wore bright pink lipstick to exercise, it would run down our face and look like we’d had an accident eating a scone.

Still, here’s hoping Taylor keeps up this dedicated approach to interacting with her fans. At the rate she’s going, we’ll all be blessed with her presence on one special day.

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