Taylor Swift is really into Tumblr now, and is better at memes than you

Taylor Swift is good at internet


by Joel Golby |
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Taylor Swift, the mind of an auntie who thinks fruit is an acceptable pudding in the body of a 24-year-old girl, has performed some sort of live art meme thing that is both making our head hurt but also making us throw our hands in the air and go, ‘Alright, Taylor Swift! Here are the keys to the Internet! It’s yours now. You’ve earned it!’

In case you are over the age of 15, we will explain the concept of Tumblr to you: Tumblr is a website about internet jokes for under-15-year-olds. And it’s one Taylor Swift has recently signed up to in the run-up to her new album, 1989, where she clearly ran into this endurable Tumblr meme:


Which then led to her being spotted in this ‘no its becky’ t-shirt:


Which she also posted a picture of to her Tumblr, because MEMECEPTION.


We sort of don’t know what’s going on anymore, or which way down is, or which way is up. Thank you Taylor Swift for that.

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