Taylor Swift and her team seriously annoy New Zealand’s wildlife watchers – claims they put endangered birds at risk!

Oh, Taylor…


by Ellie Henman |
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When Taylor Swift and her team descended on a beach in New Zealand earlier this week, they were just hoping to make a fancy new music video. But they got more than they bargained for, as it's now claimed they put endangered birds (baby dotterels) at risk on the beach. And let us tell you, the locals are not happy.

Although Taylor’s team did get permission to take vehicles onto Bethells Beach, in Auckland, they were only meant to have two. Instead it's alleged they drove around 11 onto the beach – putting the lives of the baby birds at risk.

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    “Taylor Swift filming at Bethells this week. Permission was given for I think 2 vehicles, instead there were about a dozen. Parks not happy at all,” local board chair Sandra Coney wrote on Facebook.

    “We have developed a dotterel management plan as there is a heap of filming out there, and we welcome it as economic activity that should leave no footprint, but Taylor's lot did not respect the environment or the conditions of their consent.”

    Other wildlife fans were seriously peeved too. “May a giant bird shit on each of your heads every day until you are so covered in sticky mess you can’t function physically as a human being,” one very angry person commented. Oo-er.

    But it turns out Taylor actually did nothing wrong. A spokesperson for local production company Cherokee Films has claimed responsbility and stated that they did not breach the guidelines.

    “As the local film production company, Cherokee Films, we accept responsibility and apologize for this situation,” a spokesperson tells heat. “Taylor Swift and her management team were in no way at fault and did not do anything that violated permits or ordinances.

    “At all times the film crew adhered to the Dotterel protocol in guidelines provided about the dotterel nesting sites, and at no time were the film crew close to that habitat. No Dotterel were harmed.”

    Seeing as Taylor is quite possibly the most angelic popstar around this totally makes sense. She wouldn't harm a fly, let alone a bird...


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