Do these texts show Kylie Jenner’s bf Tyga begging ex Blac Chyna to take him back?

The weird love triangle between a former stripper, rapper and reality TV star continues.

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by Maria Vallahis |
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So after rapper Tyga’s ex-fiancee Blac Chyna threw shade at his new love interest Kylie Jenner with this picture…

Is Blac Chyna trying to take the mick out of Kylie Jenner here?

Clearly taking a dig at Kylie’s lips - now Chyna is back on Instagram throwing a darker shade towards the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

This time it’s with a picture of a screenshot of a text message chain she received from a contact name called ‘Kings Father’ (King being Chyna and Tyga’s son).


Although it’s unclear whether it is Tyga and not a set of made-up messages, the conversation sees ‘Tyga’ begging to have Chyna back to have a family unit again.

Blac Chyna posted these screen shots to her Instagram page.

The collage of two screenshots include messages allegedly from the rapper that state: "I want to be with you. I want to be positive. I want to be a family again. I want to start this friendship. Relationship."

Meanwhile, Chyna's part of the convo remained fairly short and to the point about picking up their son, with a mention that "honesty is key to move forward."

However Tyga has led us to believe his ex’s screen shot is dated when he tweeted this an hour before her Instagram post – ‘Give it up. Get over it. Live your life’.

Tyga's tweet before Blac Chyna posted her screenshots.

It was also reported this week that Kylie was using King to get under her skin. Apparently the 17-year-old gave King ‘lots of sweets’ – when she was with him and Tyga – to praise him for saying ‘I love Kylie’. Well, that would piss any mum off if her ex’s new girlfriend taught her child such a thing.

Neither Tyga, Chyna or Kylie have responded to either of these allegations or posts.

BUT… despite all this happening Kylie and Tyga were seen taking a trip to a local drug store Rite Aid in Calabasas, California.

So we know whose side Tyga is taking…

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