‘I think she’s a horrible, horrible person’ – Marnie Simpson RIPS INTO Saira Khan


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It's a mark of how MENTAL and exciting this series of Celebrity Big Brother was that we're still obsessed with it. We expect we'll still be banging on about Stephen Bear and the gang come 2018.

The Marnie Simpson – Lewis Bloor bowling date, Stephen Bear club appearances, and Chloe Khan - Jason Burrill escapade are just a few of the things the housemates have done since leaving the house we've taken an unusual interest in.

The latest of these is Marnie's words about Saira Khan, which were not particularly friendly.

"The only people I’ll see again are [Stephen] Bear, Chloe Khan and Katie Waissel," she said

Errr… We're guessing she's assuming Lewis Bloor is a given, then?

And she said she'd hate to come face to face with Saira again, telling New! magazine: "I think she’s a horrible, horrible person. I don’t really have much time for anyone else."

"I don’t think anything would last in Saira’s eyes. She’s a negative woman."

This all comes after Marns was accused of being a bully for waggling her boobs in Saira's face (we think it was just a bout of drunken silliness, TBH).

Marnie has meanwhile been discussing by far one of the most prominent of the CBB aspects – Lewis' ENORMOUS AND HAIRLESS peen.

Lewis Bloor in the shower
Lews Bloor

We saw the peen (and balls) more times than we care to remember, our favourite being when Marnie had, in her words, "the most romantic shower of me life."

CBB Marnie Simpson
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"Everybody wants to know about mine and Lewis’ sex life. It’s really funny," she said in an interview with OK! magazine.

“He’s got a massive willy and everybody wants to know what it’s like!"

Errr…. #goalz?

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