Tired and emotional Orlando Bloom demands party-goers “touch my man-cakes”

You don’t have to ask us twice, Legolas


by Emmeline Saunders |
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A “well-refreshed” Orlando Bloom asked several women to grope his chest during a night of wild partying in Mexico, according to some wide-eyed eyewitnesses.

Metro reports the 37-year-old Hollywood actor was at boutique hotel Case Violeta in Tulum on Saturday night when things got a bit out of hand.

A source told the newspaper: “Orlando looked like he was well-refreshed. He was cracking on to as many girls as he could, asking them to stroke his chest.

“It was classic Brits abroad behaviour – he should be embarrassed,” the onlooker added.

He apparently also asked party-goers to “touch my man-cakes” – and when one of them did, she was later overheard telling a friend, “I don’t know why I just agreed to do that”. Incredible.

Oh, and his people say Orlando was in the area at the time but totally deny his man-cake antics (man-tics) as “untrue”.

It’s not the first time Orlando’s partying’s hit the headlines – remember back in September that little scuffle that broke out between him and Justin Bieber in Ibiza, allegedly over Orly’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr? Yeah – us too.

We don’t know what Orlando’s really like when he has a drink, but we like to imagine he looks a bit like Legolas wearing a party hat and yelling obscenities:


(Thanks to illbeursafety.tumblr for this amazing gif)

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