Little Tom Cunningham off of Hollyoaks is GROWN UP and having a wild time in Ibiza

Awwww Lil' Tom

Little Tom

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Here at heat we're pretty obsessed with what we like to call the Hollyoaks Golden Age. A time where Stephanie Davis stormed onto the set as troubled Sinead O'Connor, when Kathy Barnes was gallivanting around sleeping with her daughter's boyfriends and just being the all-round worst mum in the history of soap mums, and when best friends Max Cunningham and OB were doing their best to raise Max's baby bro, Little Tom.

He was probably the most adorable character to ever appear on Hollyoaks and has had some pretty dramatic storylines during his time on the show. We'll probably never get over Max' selfless act of pushing his little brother out of the way of a speeding car, which consequently hit and killed him. RIP, Max, forever in our hearts.

Little Tom

He's now all grown up and has even fathered a bloody baby on the show (we feel so old).

The actor who plays Tom, Ellis Hollins, has also (unsurprisingly) matured in the 14 years since he took on the role and was recently spotted partying in Ibiza.

Ellis was pictured with fellow Hollyoaks cast and crew as they partied and the famous Ocean Beach on the party island.

Tom Cunningham

Ellis was joined by Amanda Clapham, who plays Holly Cunningham, Sophie Porley (Ellie Nightingale on the show), as well as Malique Thompson-Dwyer and Theo Graham who play Prince and Hunter McQueen as they filmed scenes for the Hollyoaks: Six Weeks of Summer spin-off storyline.

Also partying away in Beefa were two new cast members, Jacob Roberts and Adam Woodward, who are set to cause a bit of a stir as newbies Brody and Damon.

Tom Cunningham

The best pals reportedly ruffle a few feathers when they decide to follow their new-found friends back to Chester, after meeting the Hollyoaks residents on their holiday of a lifetime on the White Isle.


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