Tom Felton shows he is still Slytherin through and through

Peak Draco right here

tom felton

by Stevie Martin |
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It's been six years since the final Harry Potter movie came out, but Tom Felton - who plays cowardly little Slytherin Draco Malfoy in the series - is still Slytherin til he dies.

Tom is currently filming TV series The Flash in Vancouver, but went to a live musical screening of Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets in the Canadian city over the weekend along with his co-star, Jesse L. Martin.

But not just that - they both wore Slytherin scarves. Because Draco isn't exactly going to rock up adorned in the Hufflepuff colours, is he?

Although, in saying that, Tom did get sorted into Gryffindor when trying out the sorting hat game on JK Rowling's Pottermore website.

But as any Harry Potter fan will know, you have some element of choice over which house you belong to (Harry's "not Slytherin... not Slytherin" chant turns out to have actually affected the fact he was sorted into Gryffindow) so it seems clear Tom has chosen Slytherin, turning up in a Slytherin cap and sweatshirt, while Jesse rocked the trademark green striped scarf.

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