Tom Hardy and his VERY CUTE DOG Woodstock have teamed up for a new PETA advert

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Tom Hardy

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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The only thing better than Tom Hardy being gorgeous is when he’s being gorgeous with a gorgeous dog. Too many uses of the word “gorgeous”, but LOOK AT THIS.

He’s in a new PETA campaign where people are being encouraged to adopt a shelter dog.

Tom’s found his dog Woodstock running wild on a road in America – and brought him back to the UK, where they have been bestest buds ever since.

Tom Hardy

We wish we were Woodstock because then we’d get to lick Tom on the face. But then we’d also have to eat dog food. Swings and roundabouts, we guess?

"To me, a dog actually is the heart of a family in many ways, in life,” Tom told New York magazine.

"A dog is important because its unconditional love is there… If a dog is there, and a dog is happy… then you know it's a happy home."

Tom takes Woodstock on set with him, and he’s even rumoured to have a part in upcoming Kray twins biopic, Legend. Again, we wish that we were this dog.

Would you like any help walking Woodstock, Tom? The offer is on the table. And it’s not going anywhere, either.

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