Top 5 dog Vines to celebrate National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!


by Maria Vallahis |

In honour of National Dog Day we've chosen our top five best dog Vines. Enjoy!

Sunny hates stripped-back acoustic sessions:

This critter’s not keen on her new toy:

This pooch, who lurrves his owner a bit too much:

This little fella, who got bored:

This chap, who tried to make a run for it but got stuck:

Also to honour our wonderful pet pooches, we've picked our fave celeb pooches.

In honour of National Dog Day we've chosen our fave celebs pooches. Woofing brilliant. > >

Earlier this month, Demi Lovato turned 23 and got THE most adorable pooch for her birthday. And she named him Batman. So, so cute.

OMG, we can't take how cute and tiny and little and smmaaall he is. He is literally the size of one of Demi's hand.

The Cool for the Summer singer introduced the new addition to her family, on Twitter. Alongside a picture of the fluffball sleeping on the sofa, Demi wrote: "Ummm... guys.... meet Batman....."

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