TOWIE’s Amber Dowding: Megan McKenna is ‘right to feel upset’ with Chloe Meadows

We're getting emosh just thinking about it

Amber Dowding

by Polly Foreman |
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heat has kinda been falling in love with Megan McKenna since the start of this season's TOWIE. Aside from being mardy face QUEEN and hardest woman in Brentwood, she's revealed her more soft and vulnerable side during the fall out with BFF Chloe Meadows – and it's MASSIVELY tugged at our heartstrings.

Megan Mckenna

After being reduced to tears when she found out her fellow girl band members Chloe and Courtney Green had been sippin' cocktails on a singles night with enemy number one Chloe Lewis, she had a dramatic argument with Chloe in a field last week.

We caught up with newbie Amber Dowding, who was in attendance at that fateful singles night, to pick her brains about the dramz.

Amber told heat: "I get where Megan's coming from but then I get where Chloe's coming from.

"I actually do get on really well with Megan, she's a really sweet girl. Everyone perceives her to be this really crazy person, but I think it's just her way of dealing with stuff that happens. Everyone's got different ways of dealing with things and her's is just to scream and shout"

Megan Mckenna

When we asked if there was hope for the feuding friends, Amber said: "I do hope so because they've been friends for so long… obviously it's upset Megan and she's got a right to feel upset, but it would be a shame to completely throw their friendship away over this. I don't think it's worth it."

Amber is currently super loved up and being all cute with her now offish boyfriend Chris Clark (he asked her to be his girlfriend while they were fishing - qt). Speaking about their on screen relationship, she said: "I think it is going to be hard because we are a new couple so at the minute everyone is saying 'Chris and Amber, Chris and Amber, Chris and Amber'. So it is hard for someone like Pete [Wicks] and Megan who are in the limelight a lot"

We think there's DEFINITELY some new couple rivalry on the cards…

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