TOWIE’s Bobby Norris breaks our hearts over Chris Parkes romance

Why can't love be real?

TOWIE Chris and Bobby

by Georgina Terry |
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Who's the most popular man in Essex?

If you said anyone other than Bobby Norris, you are basically wrong.

But there's one area in which our sweet, TOWIE prince is not very successful and that is love.

WHY? We simply cannot fathom it. He's a total catch.

Things seemed to be looking up for our Bobs in series 17 of the show when he hooked up with MMA trainer Chris Parkes.

Bobby introduced his new squeeze to the ladies, and even to Gemma Collins who made a physic prediction that they would go the distance.

She. Was. Wrong.

Bobby revealed to heat that he and Chris are no more, and we're really rather devvo about it.

"Chris is a lovely guy, I haven’t got a bad thing to say about him," Bobby told us, explaining why the romance fizzled out.

"What it came down to was distance, we were too far away to make our diaries work. We both have very busy lives, he’s self-employed as well so work will always take priority.

"If you’re local to each other you’ll always see each other. But Chris is two and a half hours away.

"With him in Derby, I can’t be like 'do you fancy a cheeky Nando's?' Because it’s going to be cold by the time I get there."

True that.

"So, note to self," Bobby told us, stoically.

"Though some people make it work, for me I definitely need someone closer to home."

There must be some fit men in Essex who are perfect for Bobs, surely? SURELY?

"I’m the male Jennifer Anniston," he told us.

We're not sure there's ever been speculation that Bobby's pregnant but we're pretty sure we know where he's coming from.

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