Who is Courtney Green? Everything you need to know about the TOWIE girl

She’s a pocket rocket

Courtney Green

by Georgina Terry |
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Can you believe it? The Only Way Is Essex recently celebrated it's 20th series! WE KNOW.

20 series of pure dramz and we still can't get enough.

One TOWIE lady who's certainly capable of holding her own amongts all the #AGG (particularly with fiery Megan McKenna and Amber Turner and their fued with Chloe Meadows) is pint-sized Courtney Green.

She first hit our screens back in series 17 and now she's affirmed herself was one of our fave TOWIE babes.

So, here’s everything else you need to know…

How old is Courtney Green?

At the time of writing she is 21 years old.

Is Courtney Green single?

Courtney has previously been linked to Mike Hassini and Chris Clarke, but she's currently dating TOWIE newbie and mega FITLORD Myles Barnett.

Courtney Green and Myles Barnett relationship? Have they split?

The pair hit a bit of a rocky patch in their otherwise adorbs relationship in series 20 when it was revealed Courtney had been texting her ex.

Myles was left pretty adament he wouldn't get over it, but persistent Courtney vowed she'd be more mature and eventually managed to win him over on a camping trip. And now they're back to being probably the cutes couple in Essex.

Does Courtney Green have a Twitter account?

Why, yes! You can find her here: @courtneyMgreen

And tweeting / retweeting things like:

Does Courtney Green have an Instagram account?

Yep – here: courtneymegz

And she's posting things like:

Does Courtney Green have a Snapchat?

Oh yes.

Is there anything else I need to know about Courtney Green?

She’s best friends with other cast member Chloe Meadows, but their friendship was recently tested afte Courtney began hanging out with Chloe's former BFFs-now-nemeses Megan McKenna and Amber Turner.

But Court did stick up for herself, calling out the rest of the girls for their petty behaviour and just asking everyone to be civil. See we told ya Court was trying to be mature.

She's also head a bit of a tempestuous relations with HOTTTT brothers Jon Clark (from Love Island) and Chris Clark, who joined the cast at the same time.

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