TOWIE: Danielle Armstrong says Vas J Armstrong is “missing morals”

Will these two ever kiss and make-up? Don’t hold your breath.

TOWIE: Dani Armstrong

by Georgina Terry |
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The Only Way Is Essex has been home to some strange scenes of late.

Vas J Morgan has been apologising to the people he’s upset, often with a mean tweet or seemingly snide social media swipe, and it’s been a bit of a tearjerker.

He’s had cuddles from both Chloe Sims and Debbie Bright after saying sorry to them and tears welled up in our eyes a little bit.


But one person is having NONE of Vas’ apologies: Danni Armstrong.

Danni just can’t move past what she sees as Vas’ ill treatment of her and, in her latest strike, she claims that Vas doesn’t have enough morals to be in Team Armstrong.

“To be a friend of mine, you’ve got to have a lot of morals,” Danni said behind-the-scenes in Brentwood.

“And he’s missing a few boxes ticked that to be a friend of mine you’ve got to have.”


Vas has been apologising to most of Essex. It's been well emosh.

“Maybe after time I’ll build some trust with him but at the moment I wouldn’t all him a friend,” Danni told ITV.

“I don’t realise how he didn’t understand how his actions would affect me because I was really upset and he was a major factor over the stuff with Verity [Chapman] and James [Lock] in the summer.

“He’s pretty deluded if he doesn’t realise how upset I was by that because everyone else in Essex seemed to realise it.”

Of course, Vas hasn’t let this lie and has responded via one of the very methods that got him in hot water with the good people of Essex in the first place: Twitter.

Oh dear, it doesn’t look as though these TOWIE stalwarts will be cuddling up for a Christmas kiss, does it?

And Vas needs some new show friends now the queen of our hearts Lauren Pope has apparently quit.

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