Ay caramba! Have you seen TOWIE’s Harry Derbridge lately?


Harry Derbridge

by Georgina Terry |

You know who *TOWIE *really needs?

That’s right, our one true prince Harry Derbridge.

Sure, he came back for a short time in series 12, and it wasn’t a massive success what with him cheating on Bobby Norris, but we still miss him, dangnammit.

Harry Derbridge

Harry stole our heart when he first appeared in series one. He was cruelly culled following series three and nobody ever said “shut up!” in quite the same way again.

We had high hopes of his return, but although we saw almost all of Harry in a schlong thong, we were destined to see no more of him and he made a swift exit after reducing our Bobs to tears.

Harry Derbridge Harry Derbridge

But where is he now?

And what does he look like?

Our extensive research (Twitter) has revealed that Harry now has his own range of sunglasses, Forever On Trend.

So a bit like former *Made In Chelsea *Hugo Taylor. But about £120 cheaper.

And as for how he looks. He looks, frankly, FANTASTIC. See?

Harry Derbridge

Now, if we can just figure out a way of getting him back in TOWIE, without upsetting Bobs.

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