TOWIE’s Maria Fowler is expecting TRIPLETS


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UPDATE: DOH. Maria April Fooled us. We are the April Fools. SOZ EVERYONE - Maria is pregnant, but only with one human child.


She has, however, just found out the gender of her unborn baby - EXCITING.

EARLIER: Maria Fowler, that one off TOWIE and off being a bit gobby on Twitter, has some VERY exciting news: she's pregnant with TRIPLETS. EXCEPT SHE'S NOT.

The ex-reality TV star has been with her boyfriend, BMX racer Kevin Batey, since August 2015 and revealed their happy news on Mother's Day in March.

And today, in an amazing turn of events, Maria announced that she and Kevin are in actual fact expecting THREE babies instead of the twins they'd thought. NOPE.

Unfortunately, her exciting news was met with some criticism on Twitter when she was accused using it as an insensitive April Fool's joke. Talk about bad timing.

She later hit back at the haters, explaining that it wasn't a joke and reached out to them saying: "I can't help your situation… I wish I could, but please stop blaming me."

This is the second accusation of a baby-fuelled April Fool's (non)joke after Luisa Zissman was also put under fire when she earlier announced she was expecting her second child.

Congratulations (and triple good luck) to Maria and Kevin!

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