TOWIE’s Megan McKenna and Chloe Lewis are AT WAR

Megan McKenna Chloe Lewis fight tow

by Heat |

If the AGG between the girls wasn't bad enough already in this series of TOWIE, we were NOT prepared for one of the most fiery exchanges yet.

We still can't really breathe because of the shock, TBH.

Megan Mckenna and the not-very-argumentative Chloe Lewis went in on each other on last night's ep and it was really, really bad.

Megan McKenna Chloe Lewis fight

During a pleasent trip away from the country to supposedly escape all of their problems - HA - Chloe Lewis decided it was the right time to confront a rumour that threatened to be the final nail in the love coffin for her and beau Jake Hall.

Said rumour involved Megan Mckenna SLEEPING with Jake Hall once upon a time, we're not sure when - we're not really sure about anything tbf.

So she confronted Megan about it during a lovely game of Never Have I Ever and Kate Wright had her back 100%.

And we wondered why everyone was a bit iffy with Megan?

Megan denied the rumours and it was all very awkward, especially as she's saved in Jake's phone as 'Megan Mckenna Cuz' and they've been ringing each other on the reg..

Megan hit back: "Jake's been friends with my mother, and my dad. My family and Jake's family have known each other their whole lives. Of course I've called him!"

The whole thing basically caused WORLD WAR THREE and it even carried on till morning when the pair had another huge confrontation about it all.

Megan McKenna Chloe Lewis fight tow

Set in her beliefs, Chloe went off on one again:

"What I've heard of you, I don't really like. That you sleep around and you're trashy."

Chloe Lewis fights with Megan McKenna

After a few attempts of Megan defending herself, Chloe didn't sway at all do it all ended with Megan in tears, but she did get the last word in:

"I feel bad for you. I ain't slept with Jake. I'm not taking shit and hearing that I'm a trashy shag. I've got nothing to lose. Tell your mates to f*k off."


:( :( :(


Things were unusually quiet after the storm, which just gets us even MORE excited for the next ep. Megan hasn't tweeted ANYTHING, which is unlike her but it may be because she was all over Snapchat drinking cocktails and very cute with FITLORD Pete Wicks. Awwwww.

Chloe Lewis bactracked a little bit:

Kate gave her loyal love to her best pal:

Jake Hall is ignoring everything:

And Pete tweeted this. Oh god we love this human so much.

We wish we could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy...

TOWIE continues Sunday on ITBe at 10pm.

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