Megan McKenna thinks Stephanie Davis SHOULDN’T have done CBB

Hmm we wonder why – Sam Reece? Jeremy McConnell?

Stephanie Davis

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Remember when Gemma Collins and Stephanie Davis were having a row on Celebrity Big Brother and Steph said: "You're off TOWIE. What's your talent? Nothing."

Rude, her talent is being the diva of the show – duh.

But it seems that Danni Armstrong and Megan McKenna (who was a Celebrity Big Brother housemate alongside Steph) think that Steph's plan to change her image – after being fired from Hollyoaks – backfired.

Stephanie Davis

Cast your mind back to Celebrity Big Brother. Remember Steph was dating Sam Reece outside the house but cheated on him a few times in the house with Jeremy McConnell?. Then after leaving the Big Brother house the pair became an official couple, broke up and argued more times than, well anyone we know.

They've now split up for good and areexpecting their first child (although Jez has denied being the father).

Stephanie Davis baby bump

And now Steph's ex-housemate Megan has confessed that Steph's attempt to change her image didn't really work. The reality star spoke to Digital Spy saying: "She went on there to give the impression that she's sweet, but it kind of went the other way."

She also confessed that they've both gone their separate ways, "she was my friend but not a good one."

Oh, OK then.

And it seems that Megan's co-star Danni Armstrong agrees, she said: "She went on Celebrity Big Brother, and I don't think it was the best for her or since she's come out."


She did wish her and the baby well though… So that's nice.


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