Is TOWIE’s Lydia Bright moving in with on-off boyfriend James Argent?

Lydia posted a picture of a key on Instagram along with a cryptic message

TOWIE Lydia Bright James Arg Argent

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There are some celebrity romances in this world that are just meant to be and it seems Lydia Bright and James ‘Arg’ Argent could be finally moving on from their rocky past.

The Only Way Is Essex star Lydia posted a picture of a key on Instagram today, writing: “This time’s forever.”

She added a little heart to her message hinting that the gift was from someone special, suggesting she could be moving in with on-off boyfriend Arg.

Reality star James put himself through rehab at the end of last year to beat his hard partying ways and it seems his new attitude has helped win Lydia over.

During Wednesday’s TOWIE she described her relationship with new boyfriend Ben as a “nightmare” before breaking up with him later in the show.

Speaking about Arg to her mother Debbie Douglas before the split from Ben, Lydia said: “It’s like a rollercoaster with us two. I don’t think there’s anyone I get on better with. I care about him so much.

“God do we fight. I always say the best and worst times of my life were with James. But with Ben it’s always so steady.”

Debbie told her: “You deserve to be with someone who makes you feel alive.”

Lydia later called friend and co-star Lewis Bloor to get another opinion, telling him: “I’m having a nightmare at the moment. I really want it to work with Ben but we don’t have that spark.

“What’s the point of going on if you don’t feel like that?”


Meeting up with Ben, Lydia told him she felt there was no connection between them and was relieved to find out he felt the same way.

Breaking the news to pals, including Arg, that evening she said: “I told him, ‘You’re absolutely lovely but I just don’t know if we’ve got that connection.’ He was like, ‘I totally agree with you, Lydia!’ I’ve never been so relieved in my life.

“I was feeling guilty because I was getting on better with James than I was him.”

An ecstatic James was then seen grinning from ear to ear and he winked at Lydia and said: “Sorry to hear that. Good for you!”

Naww! Maybe Lydia and Arg’s love story really will end happily ever after...


Arg and Lydia in Marbella

Arg in Marbs1 of 5

Arg in Marbs

Arg and Lydia2 of 5

Arg and Lydia

Smoochy-smoochy, guys

All smiles3 of 5

All smiles

Arg probably just told his joke about the horse who walks into a bar

Firm handshake4 of 5

Firm handshake

Ah, the old "pull my finger" gag

Lydia Bright5 of 5

Lydia Bright

Watch yourself on those paving stones, Lyds

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